George (Dale) Ralston Jr. is a 50-year-old undergraduate student at Midwestern State University. Dale is majoring in History with an emphasis in teaching.  Dale also holds an associate degree in Computer Science from Vernon College.  Dale is a lifelong resident of Wichita Falls, Texas.  Is married to wife Jennifer, has one son, two daughters and 6 grandchildren.

Dale Ralston Photo by: Jennifer Ralston
Dale Ralston
Photo by:
Jennifer Ralston


This research project was sponsored by Midwestern State University and the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC).

I would like to thank Midwestern State University and COPLAC for this opportunity.  I would also like to thank my mentors.  Dr. Whitney Snow of Midwestern State University and Dr. Cathy Kroll of Sonoma State University.

I would also like to thank the following people, without their input and cooperation this project would have not been possible.

Ashley Weaver               (MSU Alumni and HHH racer)

David Weaver                (HHH Rider)

Charlie Zamastill            (MSU Cycling coach)

Chip Filer                       (Executive Director of HHH)

Christopher Freeman      (MSU Masters student and HHH rider)

Dr. Brad Wilson             (Assistant Professor MSU Mass Communications Dept.)

Thank each of you for your time, interviews and insight you provided to helped drive this project and make it a success.


 “There’s hot, there’s hell & there’s HOTTER THAN HELL!”

Richard Carter: HHH historian   2013.

David Weaver:                         Photographs and interview

Ashley Weaver:                        Interview

Charlie Zamastill                     Photographs and interview

Chip Filer                                Interview and Research material

Dr. Brad Wilson                      Photographs

Christopher Freeman                 Interview